The Diack Family Oregon Ecology Education Program

A Division of Oregon Science Teachers Association

The Founder

The Arch W. Diack family established the Diack Ecology Education Program to encourage teachers and other youth leaders to involve children in field based ecology. Children of all skill levels readily enjoy field based studies and quickly become eager learners. The Diack Program seeks to inspire a combination of good education and good science in order to spark interest in a scientific understanding of the complex creatures that inhabit the natural world.

The Diack family was strongly motivated by their admiration for teachers and others who dedicate their time and effort to helping children discover the joy of personal learning about the wondrous natural world.The Diack Family Ecology Education Program is prepared to assist in funding activities in Oregon which take children, kindergarten through high school, into the study of ecology in their fields, forests and waters to see personally what lives there and how it lives.

Picture of Arch Diack

Dr. Arch W. Diack

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